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I was just wondering..


If any of you would be interested in me starting a more personal blog of my anxiety experiences? I often find I have a lot of things to say on this blog yet hold back because it is in essence a meme tumblr. Having said that, I do feel that as someone with such a big audience who has some (hopefully) useful things to share about this ol’ mental health journey, I should be doing more to help anyone that I can reach.

So yeah! If this intrigues you/ sounds like a useful tool that you’d chuck a sick follow, drop a message in my ask box and let me know. If I don’t get any then I’ll go back to picking my nose!

Luuuuuuurve always,
~the creator of Anxiety Cat xx

You could always follow along the lines of PTSD Puma and have the blog include a bit of both? I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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