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Finally broke down and sprang for a proper carpal tunnel brace. Getting pain in my wrist that hopefully isn’t that, but I’d rather spend like $20 for a stabilizer than end up needing surgery down the road. x.x Now I need to train myself to use my whole arm instead of using my wrist for so much.



Guys you don’t understand how awesome this is. This pattern happens everywhere. It happens on flowers and pinecones absolutely vegetables, it happens all around you. If you don’t think that’s like the realist shit ever i don’t understand you.It’s insane how the universe is literally full of beauty to the point that we can’t even see some of it. Beautiful down to the way it moves.

this is so cool








just some body posings I did to play with 1 handed

last of Decays body, was getting super tired by then




hold your horses right there.

even though you have removed my…

there is nothing gorgeous about what you have posted.

its abuse at this point. anyoen coming along seeing those photos will not think of a pleasant taxidermy. they will think of a poor abused deskinned animal. and for the record, PROFESSIONAL taxidermists DONT take photos of the gorey de-fleshed creatures. [ “taxidermy”@google] That post crossed the line, and fuck no I wouldnt reblog those photos.  I unwatched the person who in my feed reblogged it because I’d never want to see such a disgusting act.

That was not scientific, NOT respectful, and not professional.  that was shock material.

haha what ever ya say.

you can think that but I think differently and you calling ’ not a professional’ ain’t hurting my feelings.
this is APART of the deal, this is what taxidermist have to deal with, and to anyone who thinks they wish to become a taxidermist SHOULD know what they are getting into.

I dont see how its shock material when other artist draw this as well, and use these reference for drawing, skulpting material.
to know the actual size of the animal when it doesnt have fluff covering it.

but yo,  not here to rain on your parade or anything just dont be dissin my hobbies or passion. because I do not care, I will still be doing this long after, and posting pictures for people who do enjoy these for multiple purposes they might need them.

I’ve never understood why people get so up in arms about taxidermists posting dead, skinned animals but you don’t see people saying the same things about all the skinned dead animals you see at the store (and I wonder how many people complaining eat meat themselves?) 

This weird notion that if it’s still intact it’s disgusting and shocking but if it’s cut up and neatly packaged it’s normal just shows how disassociated we are from that kind of thing.

Also as an artist I find skinning photos extremely useful! Being able to see what’s under the skin gives you a much better understanding of anatomy and how everything works.

I can understand people being upset; it’s not something that we see much here in the U.S., at least, unless you go to specialty butchers or certain non-chain groceries that carry things like skinned whole rabbits and pigs’ heads and the like. And we’re used to non-food carcasses only being displayed to us for the shock value, whether by PETA or that random person who wants to freak other people out, etc. 

I mean, really, the part of the population who really gets used to seeing whole carcasses is pretty small—taxidermists and other dead critter artists, museum specimen preparers, slaughterhouse workers and ranchers/farmers/etc. who kill their own meat, butchers, artists using carcasses for skeletal and muscle reference, etc. Beyond that, most people just aren’t exposed to this sort of reality. Meat for eating comes neatly packaged in plastic and styrofoam with the blood removed; we don’t have to think about how that hamburger once had a head, or what the meat looked like being ground up. There are people who will happily scarf down a dozen chicken wings but who would be horrified if someone showed them a dead, de-feathered chicken with head and feet intact.

However, censorship and insults aren’t the answer. landoffishshynoise could have asked the person who reblogged it to tag their gore, or just defriended them without making a huge fuss, or contacted creatureundertakertaxidermy privately. We can help mitigate the potential shock by making sure to tag our works. Unfortunately, the tags that an OP puts on their work don’t stay stuck to that work, so the original “gore” and “dead animal” tags only worked on the original post (and yes, the original post has a pretty good array of tags for filtering). 

I think that’s the key here. We’re not used to seeing the heads. I’ve known people that are even weirded out seeing whole FISH, because if we don’t fish ourselves, we’re used to seeing those in fillet form, with the heads already cut off. This is not the case in all countries, and I have to wonder if this sort of visceral reaction is less common in the places where it’s still common for, say, a roast pig to still have its head.

Same sort of logic that makes people feel like fur is murder but leather is OK. With fur it’s harder to disconnect yourself from the fact that this was once alive.

Hell even I will admit I don’t think of my shoes in the same way as I do my fur items, spiritually speaking. I really ought to work on that, come to think of it. But I have yet to feel the same “vibe” from my leather shoes as I do from the other pieces. Hell even my leather jackets give me more of a “living” feeling than shoes do. And now I am wondering why that is…

When you watch a college friend who used to have so much sense slowly turn more and more conservative until they’re posting freaking Fox News links on Facebook. :\ *sighs*

And it’s not that they’ve turned into one of the rabid and hateful people. It’s just… they’re starting to fall for more of the BS instead of doing the critical thinking they used to. And it’s upsetting to see that.

Just because you’re not a democrat doesn’t mean you have to believe everything the republicans tell you. Just because you’re a parent now doesn’t mean you have to fall for the paranoid posts (even the anti-vaccine stuff now). Just because you love your God doesn’t mean you have to believe every panicked bit of propaganda the fundies put out. And it feels like fewer and fewer people in my life know how to be balanced about it. For now my mother still holds to her sense. My Grandmother and one of my old teachers. My sister of course. A handful of people I’ve known in real life. And most of my “online-only” friends who I’ve never met in person. But it feels like almost everyone else has just sort of gone to assuming everything that gets shared around on the internet must be true.

I’m sick of people not stopping to think about things. I’m even more sick of people who invent this false information just to get people ruffled and panicked. What is the purpose of it? Just wanting the attention? Do they think it’s funny?

I’m sick of feeling more and more alone because the people I always cared about, I just feel like I can’t relate to anymore. I still care about them. I just… don’t know how to talk to them anymore.

  • My boyfriend:

    I wonder if it was a joke at Hogwarts, every time they went to the bathroom... "This is some Sirius shit."

  • Me:

    Sirius all like "James, do you have to say that EVERY time?"

  • Boyfriend:

    Or if he's standing up - "Guys, he's Siriusly pissed!"

  • Me:

    "I swear, James, I will curse your face off if you don't stop that."

  • Boyfriend:

    Bat bogies. Bat bogies everywhere.

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